Cataclysms Of
The Earth

 Hugh Auchincloss Brown 

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Meet: Hugh Auchincloss Brown Sr:
With Memories By His Grandson: Hugh Auchincloss Brown III

    My Grandfather, Hugh Auchincloss Brown Sr., was born in 1878 and graduated from Columbia University in the Spring of 1900.
    Granddad came out to our house in Glen Cove, N.Y. every Sunday while I was growing up. I fondly remember playing cards and one-o-cat with him (a modified form of catch and base running) when I was ten and he was seventy-seven!
    He would regale my sister and I with stories of his childhood. Once as a tyke he fell down in a Washington DC train station and was picked up by U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes. Modern folks might be amused to hear his tales of hiking and camping in the "wilds" of Scarsdale, NY.
    Granddad played college baseball for Columbia University, including their annual exhibition games against the New York Giants. Sixty years later, Grandad still loved to tell the tale of the times he got a hit off Giant's ace pitcher Amos Russie who was a big star in the 1890's. The Giants were New York's National League team from the late 1800's until the mid 1950's when they moved to San Francisco.
   Granddad always dressed in a suit, walked and sat with a straight posture, and was a wonderful conversationalist. He drove his car into his nineties and walked a mile every day until his death in 1975. His two sons have passed away, but he has three grandsons and two granddaughters still living.
    To the best of my knowledge, Granddad paid to have the book published.
Hugh Auchincloss Brown III
(July 2003)
The fictional character Herbert Alan Boardman (HAB in The HAB Theory) is based on a real life HAB: Hugh Auchincloss Brown and the theories presented in Brown's non fiction book Cataclysms Of The Earth.

Even if you loved The HAB Theory, by Allan W. Eckert, you may still find Cataclysms Of The Earth tough reading.

Allan W. Eckert told me that he wrote The HAB Theory, to use fiction as a vehicle to bring public awareness to the ideas of Brown, and others including Charles H. Hapgood. (Path of the Poles, Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings)

Lest you think these were all crackpots, one famous name that endorsed these theories was none other than Albert Einstein.

In 2003, Hugh Auchincloss Brown-III, grandson of the author of Cataclysms of The Earth, contacted me and we have been having some lovely conversations about his grandfather. I hope to post more soon, but a mini-bio now appears on this page under Brown's photograph at right.

Eckert and Brown share grave concerns that intense specialization in various scientific fields creates a dangerous scientific tunnel vision. Few scientists, they suggest, seem to grasp any larger pictures, or permit themselves to look at evidence developed in other fields.

Brown's writing style is from another time, and probably wasn't all that good even then. He tends to write his opinions as statements of fact, rather than the current form of stating his conclusions as his own opinions. Perhaps you can forgive an old man those transgressions of writing style, by remembering that he did believe that everything he wrote was fact.

In a world crowded with crackpot ideas and theories; you might even be tempted to stop reading the first time Brown's statements conflict with your current understanding of Physics, Geology, Paleontology, or other physical sciences. I suggest that you not stop there and try to finish reading it, even if you have to skim. Say you don't accept half of the ideas Brown presents, that leaves a big batch of serious questions that may continue to tantalize you .

Hugh Auchincloss Brown had a long and distinguished career as an engineer, inventor and businessman. He spent most of his life searching for scientific evidence that would prove this theory wrong. Everything he found reinforced it.

Hugh Auchincloss Brown was 91 when this book was published.

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     By Hugh Auchincloss Brown

Cataclysms Of The Earth
Copyright 1967 by Hugh Auchincloss Brown
Published by Twayne Publishers, Inc
31 Union Square West, New York, N.Y. 10003

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 67-16199