Cataclysms Of
The Earth

 Hugh Auchincloss Brown 

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Notes from the book cover

Cataclysms Of The Earth
By Hugh Auchincloss Brown

Hugh Auchincloss Brown holds the "Doomday Toy,"
illustrating his theory of the shift in the earth's axis,
which is precipitated by the interaction of a polar
ice-cap with the force of gravity.
What immense force was able to preserve, in the Siberian tundra, living animal specimens from prehistoric times? By what process were entire tropical forests and volatile raindrops instantly arrested and fossilized? What sensible explanation can be given to the fact that each stratum of the earth's composition seems formed by a different climate?

Material for the theories set forth in this book has been collected by Hugh Auchincloss Brown for more than fifty years. The weight of evidence led him to formulate a startling concept, one which may point to the solution of geological mysteries that have long puzzled man.

Considerable evidence indicates that the continual growth of the South Polar ice cap, interacting with gravitational force, at first produces a a distortion, or wobble, in the earth's normal spin. Eventually, every six to right thousand years, a sudden and radical shift of the earth's axis is caused. Continents and sea areas are rearranged and the once tropical regions, may become lands of snow and ice.

It is thus that the Great Flood of Noah's doy resulted from the latest careening of the globe, at a time when records testify that Noah had been living in what is now Madagascar or Southeast Africa then about as far front the North Pole as New York City is today. Mr. Brown's well. founded investigation into these phenomena will fascinate layman and scientist alike.

with Editorial Assitance by
Phillip C. Flayderman

Twayne Publishers, Inc.
31 Union Square
New York 10003

About the Author

Hugh Auchincloss Brown, born in 1878 received the degree of electrical Engineer from Columbia University in 1900 and immediately began a long and varied career in engineering and business. He has spent a good part of his time since 1911 developing the controversial theories, which are the subject of this book. The attention accorded Mr. Brown's theories and his earlier published pamphlets by mass media and scientific publications led to the amplified and detailed hypotheses presented here. Hugh Brown, listed in Who's Who and Men of Science, is a member of the American Association for the advancement of Science and other Professional organizations. In preparing this book for press, he was assisted by Phillip C. Flayderman, distinguished for his work as an editor and teacher.

Jacket design by
Charles and Cleo Patra,
Book Art Studio

Acknowledgement must be expressed to the many scholars, scientists and writers whose theories, works, monographs and correspondence have been mentioned or very briefly quoted throughout this book with appropriate credit. Special thanks is given the publishers of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc, for permission to quote pertinent passages from various editions of that reference work as noted in the text. I also express my indebtedness to Mrs. Anne J. Richter, Mr. Jacob Steinberg, Mr. Eric Friis and Mr. Philip C. Flayderman for guidance in publication.
Copyright 1967 by Hugh Auchincloss Brown
Published by Twayne Publishers, Inc
31 Union Square West, New York, N.Y. 10003

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 67-16199