Cataclysms Of
The Earth

 Hugh Auchincloss Brown 

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The HTML version is about 1.2 Megabytes, with 600k of text, and another 570k of images.

The JPEG version displays full page scans, 600 pixels wide. Each page scan is 128k-194k.

All 282 page scans are offered in a single downloadable 41 meg zip file. See the link above.

Cataclysms Of The Earth
By Hugh Auchincloss Brown
After years of search, we found a copy of Cataclysm's of The Earth at a used bookstore in a small town in South Dakota. Knowing how hard this book is to locate, we decided to present it in its entirety to the fans of The HAB Theory here at

Hundreds of hours have gone into scanning the pages, correcting the OCR translation, and converting the OCR translation to HTML. Reconstructing HAB's tables and formulas deserve special mention: thanks Walt. Our proof reading is far from perfect, so If you find an OCR-to-Text error, please let us know via E-Mail:

Odd Words: After carefully spell checking the document in several programs, we then ran it through another program's spell checker but told this one to learn any unfamiliar word.

A Glossary of those words was manually edited to pull out names of persons and places, and odd spellings of otherwise common words. That left over 200 words that might need to be defined. With the help of we did exactly that for words that could be found. It seems fair to say that Hugh Brown used a great many words which were common during his lifetime, but are no longer common today. You will perhaps be amused by his use of the word "Fundamentalist" on Page 16. It is possible that he made some words up that we cannot find in any dictionaries.

Click here for The COE Glossary.

Page Numbers have been moved. If the page break was in the middle of a paragraph, we moved the page number to the nearest blank line between paragraphs. The intent was to make the text easier to follow on screen. We used the page numbers as guides in proof reading the OCR output. They've been retained so that you can cross check the original text from the page scan JPEGS. If you see something that looks "funny" or if you are not sure of a word or formula, you can look it up. Not all page numbers are listed, so when you see a jump from say Page 5 to Page 8 don't worry, nothing is missing.

Paper to JPEG, to OCR to Text to Web Page: The book was scanned to JPEG Images which were resized for the JPEG presentation. Those image files were then processed via Omnipage Pro v10 into normal text. That work product was then converted to HTM.

Copyright Issues: Efforts to contact the estate of Hugh Brown bore fruit and Hugh Auchincloss Brown III has assured me that he and his family do not object to this form of re-publishing.