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HAB Theory Refrence Notes
HAB Theory Refrence Notes
Brian D King Sydney, Australia -

I became one of those people who could not forget "The HAB Theory" (The Theory) from the first time I read the book. I was always terribly intrigued by the apparent scientific basis of the book and reread it a dozen times despite the "love interest" sub plot. I last borrowed the book from our local public library about 18 months ago - after having loaned (given away!) my last copy about 5 years ago - and at that time sat down at my computer and logged on every single verifiable reference I could glean from the text. The checking of it is another story!

Running my own business 10-14 hours a day - I'm the Managing Director (CEO) of an insurance brokerage - and assisting my wife in the running of her's - she's a physician - and bringing up 4 children doesn't leave much time for researching outside interests. However I do spend a bit of time surfing and another kind Netizen - one Margaret Roger - pointed me in the direction of this site. I made the joyous discovery last weekend and within 15 minutes I'd found Allan Eckert's letter to Scott Rainey wherein he candidly admits that a real life "HAB Theory" not only exists but that the book was written as a vehicle to showcase The Theory because it seemed to be the only way to get The Theory published. I previously was reasonably convinced that The Theory was more than just a novel. Allan Eckert's letter to Scott drove me to act.

One of Mr Eckert's comments near the end of his letter was that he felt no compulsion to warn the world of its pending catastrophe. He rightly points to numerous horrors and basically says that perhaps we (the planet) need a cleanup and a new start. No sane thinking person could possibly disagree with him. Except that I think this point needs to be made: my children - and yours - have not created the pollution and the prejudice and they ought not to be made to pay the price for it. I believe that Allan Eckert is right - a string of thermonuclear devices strategically placed around Antarctica can and should be investigated as a solution in the search to preventing another capsizing. But who will do it?

How can we get the messge across to those in a position to do so to take action to create a real symosium of relevent scientists so that life can truly imitate art and The Theory's warning be brought into the light of day. For my part I wrote to my Member of Parliament - a copy of that letter is attached - and asked him to have our CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) begin to investigate The Theory. If he can convince the Prime Minister then perhaps he - in turn - can convince other world leaders to put aside petty politics and begin to search for a solution to the crisis foreshadowed by The Theory. If that doesn't happen then perhaps other HAB Theory addicts can find the relevent scientists themselves - I know a geologist - and set up their own symposium. If we do nothing then God help our children.

Good Luck

Brian D King
Sydney New South Wales Australia
30 October 1998