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HAB Theory Refrence Notes
Brian D King
This table was developed to help me to check out things from the book more easily, by pointing to the original page(s) and references without my having to reread the book each time I had a question. It is in page order - rather than subject order. It is my intention to use this table to do serious research - as I find the time. The reader is invited to use it in whatever way facilitates his/her own research into the validity of topics covered in "The HAB Theory."

This table will be expanded as I and others locate specific refrences to the points listed below. If you have pointers to books, journals, or websites with supporting evidence, please share it with me and other readers of this website by using the email link.
Brian D King
Sydney Australia
31 October 1998
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This table in MS-Excel format

1. pp: 140 Antarctica Symposium @ Helsinki in 1960. Int'l Union of Geodesy & Geophysics. Attended by Dr Pyotr Shoumsky, Dr Franz Lowe (Fr) & Malcolm Mellors (Aus).
2. pp: 163 Maps: Ptolemy;Gerhard Kramer (Gerhardus Mercator)
3. pp: 186 Ice Accumulations (speed of accumulation) in Antarctica
4. pp: 187 Frozen Mammoth discovered in 1901 in Siberia at Bereskova River. Quick frozen rhinos.
5. pp: 188 Dr Ivan Peotyrvich Tomalchoff - biopathologist - earthquake @ Yellowstone split open a mountain and contained therein were 17 layers of trees.
6. pp: 189 Fossils of fish & marine life high in the Andes, Rockies & Himalayas. Could only have happened if they had been under water at some time.
7. pp: 189 Atlantis
8. pp: 190 Lake Chad - dried up watercourses surround.
9. pp: 235 Isostasy
10. pp: 258 Lighting in Pyramids was necessity to enable artwork to be done. No residue of fire required to create the light!!!
11. pp: 259 Egyptian, Mayan, Incan cultures appear full-blown - no prehistory; only decline.
12. pp: 298 Human footprint 15,000,000 years old imprinted in Nevada sandstone.
13. pp: 298 Ancient Peruvians smelting platinum
14. pp: 298 Tomb of Chow Chi (AD 315) clad in Aluminum. How could this be when aluminum wasn't isolated until 1825??
15. pp: 298 Egyptians and Babylonians knew of the phases of Venus and of the moons of Saturn and Mars 3,000 years ago! How could this be if the telescope was only invented by Galileo in 1610?
16. pp: 315 Metal cubes discovered in lumps of coal mined in Austria in 1877.
17. pp: 315 Series of human footprints discovered in granite in Tennessee..
18. pp: 316 Marcahuasi, Peru (Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Ollantaytambo, Sacsahuaman, Peru.
19. pp: 316 Dr Daniel Ruso
20. pp: 317 Chinese story: "The Story of the Ten Stems"
21. pp: 403 Northern Hemisphere: 46.6% land;53.4% water (the land hemisphere)
22. pp: 403 Southern Hemisphere: 11.6% land;88.4% water (the water hemisphere)
23. pp: 404 Earth developed slight wobble first detected in the 1880's.
24. pp: 404 Great Rift Valley in Africa extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the tip of Southern Africa
25. pp: 408 Glacial striations on Permian rocks in the Amazon Valley within 20( either side of the equator.
26. pp: 409 Discovery of 59 horizontal strata of fossilised trees @ Cape Breton Is, Nova Scotia.
27. pp: 410 Massive beds of salt deposits.
28. pp: 410 Babylonian Batteries
29. pp: 412 Chaldean City of Ur
30. pp: 412 Solon, the Ancient Greek, was told by Egyptian priests in 600BC that 9,000 years earlier Egypt had been invaded by Atlantis
31. pp: 442 Egyptian culture appears full blown about 3188 BC without any youth (rise)
32. pp: 442 King Menes - 1st Dynasty
33. pp: 446 Mammoths discovered "quick frozen" in Alaska & Siberia
34. pp: 448 Herodotus - Memphis 11,000 years ago;Thebes, 17,000 years ago
35. pp: 448 Library @ Alexandria destroyed by fire at the time of Caesar. Again torched into a bonfire by religious fanatics in 390AD. The greatest library the world has ever know was lost.
36. pp: 450 Senmut - Egyptian architect of the 18th Dynasty. When his tomb was opened, astronomical panel on ceiling depicted constellations of Sirius and Orion, moving in the opposite directions to their current movement!
37. pp: 453 Egyptian, Sumerian, Chaldean, Babylonian cultures and histories.
38. pp: 465 Discovery of stone discs in 1938 by Professor Chi Pu Tei in the Bayan Kara Ula Mountains of China (resemble diskettes?). The area was a "Positively Forbidden Area" by the Gov't of China since 1938. These stone disks were discovered in a complex system of artificial tunnels and underground storerooms made of perfectly squared walls, ceilings and floors, with walls glazed as if melted by a great heat emitting device (lasers?). These disks were estimated to be 8,000-12,000 years old.
39. pp: 466 Professor Tsum Um Nui - Peking Academy. Bayan Kara Ula Mountains - nearest city is Llahsa, Tibet 400 miles distant. Inhabited by 2 tribes, Dropa & Han, who cannot be categorised as belonging to any other known race on earth.
40. pp: 469 Dr. Vyacheslav Saizev (Russian Philologist) discovered prehistoric rock paintings @ Fergana. Paintings believed to be 9,000 years old depicting space-suited travellers holding a stone disk referred to para 37 above.
41. pp: 471 Amateur Argentine archaeologist Juan Moricz discovered caves similar to those in the Bayan Kara Ula mountains in the Ecuadorean Andes 150 miles So of Quito. Caves were similar/identical in structures to those of the Chinese. Library manufactured of metal plates.
42. pp: 482 Raindrops fossilised in mud - could only be by snap freezing.
43. pp: 483 Professor Luther S Cressman of the University of Oregon discovered in the Lamos Caves in Eastern Nevada 200 pairs of woven sandals of modern design, carbon dated to 7030 BC.
44. pp: 484 Vases discovered in the Nazca district near Pisco, Peru in the 1920's showing Llama's with 5 toes. Llama's has 5 toes tens of thousands of years ago - now only two.
45. pp: 485 Dr. Chi Ren Lao in July 1961 exploring caves in Hupeh Province west of Yoyang, China @ Hohan mountains on the south shore of Tung Ting Hu (a large lake) found tunnel, caves, etc looking like they had been melted (lasered?) (ref para 37)
46. pp: 485 In the Moscow Museum is the skull of a large animal called an AUROCH (a type of bison of the Neolithic Age) with a bullet hole in its skull
47. pp: 485 A human skull in the British Museum believed to be ~38,000 years old has a bullet hole in its skull.
48. pp: 491 Ambulatory automatons in ancient Egypt.
49. pp: 491 Antikythera computer in ancient Greece. NOTE: Here is an article from Scientific American on The Antikythera Computer" -Webmaster
50. pp: 492 Dr Derek Price of Princeton University discovered an ancient computer an planetarium. Details published in Scientific American in June, 1959.
51. pp: 493 1963 studies by Dr Gerald Hawkins of Boston University and 1938 by Wilhelm Koenig a German Archaeologist into Babylonian batteries.
52. pp: 494 Agastya Samhita - Ancient Indian document ~ 3,800 years old describing how to build a battery.
53. pp: 499 Sactya Grantham - ancient Brahman medical text ~ 3,500 years old describing brain surgery and anaesthetics.
54. pp: 499 Ancient records of Thebes show penicillin was in use ~4,000 years ago.
55. pp: 499 Jivaka - Indian doctor of ~500 BC.
56. pp: 499 Delta winged aircraft made of solid gold found in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia during archaeological digs.
57. pp: 502 Ancient rock carvings discovered in 1924 @ Hava Supai Canyon in Northern Arizona by the Doheny Scientific Expedition depict a Tyrannosaurus Rex about to eat a human. (Men and dinosaurs were never thought to have co-existing during the same geological time).
58. pp: 503 German Archaeologist by the name of Schliemann who discovered the ancient city of Troy after accepted Homer's The Iliad as valid and following the directions therein.
59. pp: 512 Piri Re'is (aka Piri Ahmet Muhiddin, Hakiri) Haji Mehmmed Muyhi l'Din) or Piri l'Din Re'is. Turkish (Ottoman) Admiral and cartographer. B 1470. D. 1553. Prepared an atlas called Kitabi Bahriye.
60. pp: 524 Turkish Scholar Khalil Edham Bay. Seray Library, Palace of Topkapi, Constantinople. In 1929 found a map by Piri Re'is which had been drawn in 1513. Another Piri Re'is map drawn in 1528 shows Greenland as 2 distinct islands.
61. pp: 527 Dr Paul-Emile Victor, French scientist, conducted seismic probes in Greenland from 1947-1949, confirmed Re'is map that Greenland is, in fact, 2 islands covered by an ice cap.
62. pp: 528 Swedish Geologist & Explorer Dr. Adolf Erik Nordenskjold tried to determined the type of projections Piri Re'is used. Determined that Re'is had copies his maps from much older ones.
63. pp: 528 Dulcert Portolano - old type of marine charts used in the Mediterranean.
64. pp: 528 Perhaps Re'is maps were copies of Claudius Ptolemy.
65. pp: 528 Mariners of Tyre
66. pp: 531 Arlington Mallery - American cartographer - inspected Re'is map.
67. pp: 532 Rev Francis Hayden, director of the Georgetown University Observatory and Rev Daniel Lineham, director of the Western Observatory.
68. pp: 532 Professor Charles Hapgood of the University of New Hampshire concluded that Re'is' maps could only have been done with the assistance of aerial photography.
69. pp: 533 Successive changes of climate and fossil remains, stratification and varves support capsize theory.
70. pp: 534 In 1949 Geologist Dr Jack Hough from the University of Illinios went to Antarctica with Admiral Byrd and took core samples. These samples were returned to the Carnegie Institute and were tested by being subjected to the Ionium method, the most accurate form of dating. System developed by WD Urry. The dating of these core samples showed that the last warm period in Antarctica was ~6,000 years ago. Dating coincides with the Great Flood stories of Noah, Enkidu, Deucalion, etc.
71. pp: 538 Cartographers: Ptolemy, Mercator, Re'is, Zeno, Finaeus, De Canistris, Ben Zara.
72. pp: 538 Oronteus Finaeus Map of 1531 shows Antarctica.
73. pp: 539 Hadji Ahmed, Turkish Mapmaker, in 1559 shows Alaska and Siberia connected not a land bridge, but being conjoined by land 1000 miles wide!
74. pp: 539 Zeno map shows Greenland as 2 islands;proved by the French in the 1940's.
75. pp: 539 Alexandria map of Ibn Ben Zara.
76. pp: 539 Stone Map of China of 1137 AD shows full interior details, including river systems, etc.
77. pp: 539 1502 Portuguese map by de Canerio
78. pp: 539 1508 Benincasa chart
79. pp: 539 1510 Reinel chart - shows Australia!!!
80. pp: 539 1484 Venetian map of Italy.
81. pp: 541 Ptolemy map of 235 BC shows in margins references from where map was copies in the library at Alexandria. Original map made of Ulgiz (celluloid??) and could only be drawn on my Qandhi.
82. pp: 541 Qandhi chart held by family of Topthopi, who were priests of Memphis during the reign of Teti (2294 - 2281 BC)