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Presented here as Book Excerpts 1 and Book Excerpts 2 are machine scanned and incompletely proofed transcriptions from ''The HAB Theory'' (C) 1976 by Allan W. Eckert ISBN: 0-445-08597-5 These excerpts were posted with the consent of the author.
Also presented here are in-depth discussions by Gershom Gale, and Brian King.

The concepts in HAB are so intriguing, the facts presented in its support so fascinating; that I took the time to scan, OCR and quickly proof some of the passages from the book that are used to support The HAB theory. They're presented here so that any similarly fascinated reader may have a list of the claims made in the book and if so motivated, independently research them.

The HAB Theory has an immediately disturbing hypothesis: The earth falls over on it's side or ''capsizes'' about every 3,000 - 7,100 years. During a period of about 12 hours, the land that was under the North and South poles moves from the cold point at the earth's axis of spin to a hot point in the tropics.

The HAB theory postulates that the wobble is a function of the weight of polar ice. Don't get hung up on the the ice portion of HAB. The earth's axis does indeed wobble. The wobble is indeed growing. Thus the planet may in fact tip over just about any time, or never. The magnetic poles are not the same as the axis points on our globe. Perhaps you noticed the news that the north magnetic pole has left the land mass of Canada and is speeding towards Russia at about 110 feet a year. The point is, the increasing wobble may be purely independent of the weight of polar ice.

According to HAB, the capsizing is not a gradual movement over centuries, but a sudden shift taking only half a day. Pause a moment and imagine the tidal, weather and seismic implications of such a movement. It is easy to imagine that everything from buildings to mountains fall over.

The ''HAB Theory'' looks at incompletely understood facts which suggest that advanced civilizations have flourished and died off on the earth several times during the intervals between capsizings. These scientific anomalies may be best explained if the ``HAB Theory'' were true.

A quick plot synopsis is in order:

Herbert Allan Boardman (the HAB of the book's title) is an educated man, 94 years old, who had a successful, if unspectacular, career as an Electrical Engineer.

His theory of the capsizing earth, drives him all his adult live. He collects a mountain of evidence to support it. However, since he has an MS in Electrical Engineering and not a PhD in geology, archeology, or anthropology; and because he is neither a compelling writer or speaker, nobody pays any attention to him except for one small article that gets published in an obscure journal that nobody reads. The isolation of modern scientists not paying much attention to developments or theories outside of their own disciplines is an interesting sub-plot to the book.

Now in his 90's, he knows he must take desperate action to get his theory the scientific scrutiny it deserves. To call maximum attention to himself, and by extension his theory, he gets in line to shake the hand of the President of the USA and shoots the president point blank in the forehead.... with a non-lethal wax bullet.

The wound is painful but does not break the skin, and Mr. Boardman survives his arrest. Boardman declines to say anything about "Why Did He Do It" to anyone except a noted investigative journalist, named Grant. The journalist gets the manuscript and buys into the potential accuracy of Boardman's theory, as does The President, who convenes a world symposium to discuss the matter and try to prove or dis-prove it's central concept - that the earth capsizes about every 4,500-5,500 years.

Many of the books factoids come to ink when the plot assembles the conference of world scientists to discuss data from various disciplines. The author uses the vehicle of many different voices telling of unresolved mysteries and discoveries in all different parts of the earth, and tying them to the concept of prior civilizations of humans on earth that were destroyed in a capsizing.

An example is the commonality in many cultures of the legend of The Great Flood (Noah's Ark).

Since this is a scanner based transcription, there will be various artifacts of scanning errors and scanner software spell- checking.

We've tried to clear out the dialogue related to plot and condense this file to mostly the references to science, although the book packages the factoids into conversations and news reports for the sake of maintaining a plot, so it will be difficult to clear it all away without a complete re-write.

Here are a few ideas you may find tantalizing:
  • Art-works of ancient South American civilizations depict animals from Affrica. How'd they know?
  • Tales of flying machines and the people who piloted them from ancient China.
  • An ancient Chinese legend that the entire country took one great leap towards the north and later took a great leap to the south.
  • All that we know about the Ancient Egyptian and Incan civilizations indicates that these civilizations were in decline from the oldest discovered artifacts to the artifacts discovered from the later dynasties.
  • Identical information-laden stone disks have been found at opposite sides of the earth in China and Peru.
  • Whole wooly mammoth's have been found frozen in polar ice. The flesh of these beasts were actually edible after being frozen for 7,000 years. Some have been found with a half-chewed mouth full of grass, flash-frozen while eating lunch 11,000 years ago?
  • A 1513 map of Antarctica (Officially discovered only in the 1800's) shows mountains, valley's and shorelines buried under glaciers that we have only found in the last half of the 20th century via radar mapping.