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The HAB Theory  
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The HAB Theory
Discussion by
Gersholm Gale
The core of The HAB Theory Equatorial Bulge Displacement. Result and Aftermath. What's happening in Antarctica today. Previous Poles Shifts of the Magnetic Pole Advanced Human Civilizations in the long distant past? Historical Origin of Fruits and Vegetables Records of Past Civilizations in Ancient Egypt Records of Past Civilizations in China Records of Past Civilizations in Ecuador An Explanation for the Otherwise Inexplicable The Antikythera
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Expanded Discussion of The HAB Theory
Gershom Gale
Another foundation stone in the support for the HAB Theory lies in the discovery in the relatively recent past of some rather odd rocks which, though magnetic, do not point to what is currently north and south. This is a powerful indication that they received their magnetization at a time when the location of the poles differed from what it is at present. Some of these rocks point toward the Sudan Basin and others point toward Hudson Bay. Still others point at other areas where physical evidence indicates that ice caps have formed in past epochs. Non-conventionally directional magnetic rocks have been discovered in 15 locations on the European and North American continents. They are corollary to, and proof of, the recurrent capsizings of the Earth . . .