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The HAB Theory  
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The HAB Theory
Discussion by
Gersholm Gale
The core of The HAB Theory Equatorial Bulge Displacement. Result and Aftermath. What's happening in Antarctica today. Previous Poles Shifts of the Magnetic Pole Advanced Human Civilizations in the long distant past? Historical Origin of Fruits and Vegetables Records of Past Civilizations in Ancient Egypt Records of Past Civilizations in China Records of Past Civilizations in Ecuador An Explanation for the Otherwise Inexplicable The Antikythera
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Expanded Discussion of The HAB Theory
Gershom Gale
That, in essence, is what's happening in Antarctica today. The weight of the ice cap is squeezing the material of the continent out from under it. The extruded material forms a range of mountains before it, all the way to the coastal areas and even beyond. There's good evidence that in this way not only is the ice cap growing, but the continent itself is expanding.

The danger lies in what happens through the creation of these mountainous perimeters. The new mountain ranges serve as barriers preventing the flow-off of the glacial ice into the sea. In effect, huge srone basins have been created, an actual impoundment of sorts. This allows a much greater volume of ice to add its weight to the ice cap.

This buildup has progressed through the centuries. About 300 years ago, one of the edges of the South polar ice cap pushed beyond the continental mass=! This was probably caused by two factors: first, the mouths of the continental rivers did not present as great a barrier at the perimeter as elsewhere; and second, the depth of the ocean close to the shore allowed some portions of the mountains to literally be shoved off the continent and slide down to the bottom of the sea. It was at that time that the first icebergs began being sloughed off into the water. This tends to act as something of a safety valve, because it gets rid of some of the weight that has accumulated. But it's nowhere near enough. More new ice accumulates in one month than is carried off by icebergs in a year.

Pretty much the same thing on a smaller scale is occurring with the ice cap presently on Greenland. Just as with Antarctica, Greenland's land mass has become a depressed rock basin, with the weight of the ice cap up-thrusting a range of coastal mountains before it. Much of the rock floor of Greenland is now well below sea level, because of this extrusion.

The mass of the ice caps at both poles is increasing every day, and right now the pressure of the ice on Antarctica is around three tons per square inch.

As a sidelight, this sheds a whole new view on why some areas of the Earth are far below sea level -- areas such as the Dead Sea region in the Middle East, the Valdes Peninsula in Argentina, and Death Valley in California. These areas, according to the HAB Theory, were once polar seats,

and became deeply indented by the weight of the ice caps which grew over them.

Modern man has it within his power to save himself from extinction or severe retrogression. By detonating thermonuclear devices strategically placed at intervals along the 12,000-mile coastal rim of the gigantic Antarctic ice basin, great pressures can be alleviated.