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The HAB Theory  
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The HAB Theory
Discussion by
Gersholm Gale
The core of The HAB Theory Equatorial Bulge Displacement. Result and Aftermath. What's happening in Antarctica today. Previous Poles Shifts of the Magnetic Pole Advanced Human Civilizations in the long distant past? Historical Origin of Fruits and Vegetables Records of Past Civilizations in Ancient Egypt Records of Past Civilizations in China Records of Past Civilizations in Ecuador An Explanation for the Otherwise Inexplicable The Antikythera
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Expanded Discussion of The HAB Theory
Gershom Gale
Equatorial Bulge Displacement during the capsizing.

When a tilt-over occurs, the poles rapidly accelerate until the ice caps reach 45 degrees from the axis of spin, due to the centrifugal force acting on them. Immediately upon passing this 45-degree point, an equally rapid deceleration begins, and the ice caps comes to a full stop between 10 and 15 degrees from the former equatorial latitude. The reason for this is that the equatorial bulge -- moving more slowly, to be sure, to overcome the resistance of the Earth's crust -- has been moving to meet the onrushing ice cap.

Thus, the capsizing is not a full 90 degrees, but rather between 75 and 80 degrees. At the same time, the equatorial bulge has moved 10 to 15 degrees toward the ice cap, with which it merges. Immediately the two masses work in unison to establish the new equatorial bulge for stabilization of the globe, still at right angles to the axis of spin.