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The HAB Theory  
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The HAB Theory
Discussion by
Gersholm Gale
The core of The HAB Theory Equatorial Bulge Displacement. Result and Aftermath. What's happening in Antarctica today. Previous Poles Shifts of the Magnetic Pole Advanced Human Civilizations in the long distant past? Historical Origin of Fruits and Vegetables Records of Past Civilizations in Ancient Egypt Records of Past Civilizations in China Records of Past Civilizations in Ecuador An Explanation for the Otherwise Inexplicable The Antikythera
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Expanded Discussion of The HAB Theory
Gershom Gale
    The core of "The HAB Theory"
      Geophysical science offers rather thin explanations for the periods of history during which great glaciers allegedly advanced and retreated from the polar regions, leaving a great deal of physical evidence.
    Equatorial Bulge Displacement.
      When a tilt occurs, the poles rapidly accelerate until the ice caps reach 45 degrees from the axis of spin, due to the centrifugal force acting on them. Immediately upon passing this 45-degree point, an equally rapid deceleration begins, and the ice caps comes to a full stop between 10 and 15 degrees from the former equatorial latitude.
    Result and Aftermath.
      During and following the capsizing of the Earth, incredible surface devastation occurs as the planet absorbs the phenomenal kinetic energy which the rollover has generated.
    That, in essence, is what's happening in Antarctica today.
      The weight of the ice cap is squeezing the material of the continent out from under it. The extruded material forms a range of mountains before it, all the way to the coastal areas and even beyond. There's good evidence that in this way not only is the ice cap growing, but the continent itself is expanding.
    Previous Poles
      Two tilts ago, a polar cap was where there is an even larger and deeper depression than the Sudan Basin (a polar site before the most recent tilt) -- present Hudson Bay. While the Hudson Bay ice cap was in existence, the land masses of India, Borneo, Africa and South America lay in tandem along the equatorial bulge.
    Shifts of the Magnetic Pole
      Another foundation stone in the support for the HAB Theory lies in the discovery in the relatively recent past of some rather odd rocks which, though magnetic, do not point to what is currently north and south.
    Advanced Human Civilizations in the long distant past?
      According to the HAB theory, there have been many occassions in the past during which the time between capsisings allowed human civilizations to develop, only to be wiped out again as the Earth tilted.
    Historical Origin of Fruits and Vegetables
      The seats of origin of most of the world's important staple vegetables and fruits are the Sumatra-Malaysia area, and the Ecuador-Peru area. Most of our fruits have originated, as best as can be determined, from a large radius of southern Asia, of which the Malay Archipelago appears to be the hub. These include fruits such as cherries, pears, apples, plums, olives, figs and grapes. Others, too, perhaps -- apricots and peaches, citrus fruits, bananas, coconuts and mango.
    Records of Past Civilizations Ancient Egypt
      The culture of the Egyptians appeared full-blown, without any history antedating the First Dynasty. About the year 450 BC, the Greek historian Herodotus journeyed to both Memphis and Thebes on the Nile and talked at length with the priests there about their country and its history.
    Records of Past Civilizations: China
      Such records have indeed been found ... in China. These were contained in a large number of peculiar stone disks discovered in some underground repositories in the Himalayas near the border of Tibet.
    Records of Past Civilizations: Ecuador
      Back in 1965 an Argentine citizen, Juan Moricz, who is an amateur archaeologist, was poking about in the Ecuadorian Andes about 150 miles south of Quito, in the Province of Santiago. He found a cave held in superstitious awe by the Indian tribes of the area. After finally gaining their confidence, he was allowed to enter the cave to explore. What he found is amazing.
    An Explanation for the Otherwise Inexplicable
      Perhaps now one of the most puzzling of these, the incredible find at Marcahuasi, only 80 km northeast of this city, can be solved. Are these the remains of a civilization made extinct by a previous capsizing? The remains have been a continuing enigma to archaeologists, particularly a spectacular discovery made in 1952 at an altitude of over 13,000 feet in the Andes.