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The HAB Theory

Allan W. Eckert
Jan 30, 1931 - July 7, 2011
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by the Jesse Stuart Foundation
A substantial number of people place The HAB Theory on their personal "top 20 books" lists.

When went live, a personal review of The HAB Theory brought genuinely interesting E-Mails from correspondents all over the world. That level of interest lead to this site and to republishing of the book.

The HAB Theory presents a great many mysteries that mainstream science couldn't explain back then and still mostly ignores it to this day.

This is a place to explore ideas presented in The HAB Theory. Here you will find some of the more riveting statements in the book reproduced.

Allan W. Eckert's character: Herbert A. Boardman (HAB), is based on a real person, an electrical engineer named: Hugh Auchinchlos Brown.

The real life HAB proposed and researched what we now know as "The HAB Theory" and presented his ideas in a book titled: Cataclysm's of the Earth. It has been out of print for decades, but you can now read it online for free here.

Two other non fiction books that inspired The HAB Theory are also back in print, and available again from all major booksellers. Both are by Professor Charles A. Hapgood. These links will take you to where other readers offer their reviews:

Further Reading

Allan W. Eckert confirmed to us that these were all influential source material for The HAB Theory.

Cataclysm's of The Earth - by Hugh Auchinloss Brown, (the real life HAB). We have permission from Brown's grandson to put it on line for you.

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The HAB Theory
Path of the Pole
by Prof. Charles H Hapgood
Non Fiction, now back in print. Prof. Hapgood explains how Earth's poles have flipped positions many times. This is the culmination of Hapgood's extensive research of Antarctica, ancient maps and the geological record. This amazing book discusses the various pole shifts in Earth's history - occurring when Earth's crust slips in the inner core - and gives evidence for each one. It also predicts future pole shifts.
Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings
by Prof. Charles H Hapgood
Non Fiction, now back in print. Discusses the 1513 map by Piri Re'is which features prominently in The HAB Theory. First published in 1966, it was reprinted in 1997.